Pam (center) with Chance (the dog) and some of the 2006 spring workers

About Us

Pam Trenholm and Jim Berry, the stewards of Brighton Botanicals, along with their various workers and volunteers tend to the various chores and care of the gardens on the property.  Chance is the canine “greeter”, while our cats (Wicca and Kitty) often tour with our visitors.


Throughout the spring and summer months, Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOFer’s), apprentices, volunteers and other guests, come to work in trade for food and lodging. The farm attracts workers, friends and guests and future farmers that are mainly interested in herbology and organic farming.

At our farm, we are kept busy providing self guided garden tours, walks, access to herbal education, advice on starting your own herbal, vegetable, or flower garden, flower-cutting gardens, designer perennials, many veggies, some assorted fruits, fresh & dried herbs (culinary, medicinal, aromatic), herbal tea blends, to the public.  We are busy with soil building programs, general gardening and landscaping, farm markets and farm gate sales, food preparing, food processing, winter storage and cooking on our beautiful homestead property. 

The farm is situated on a hill with amazing views of the Saint John river and surrounding land including views of the longest covered bridge in the world. The property is waterfront (where canoes and kayaks can be docked).

The property consists of a wide variety of  trees including fruit and nut trees, diverse herbal perennial and annual gardens, vegetable gardens, many varieties of annual and perennial flowers, cutting gardens, plus acres of landscaped lawns.  You can view our property map for a detailed layout of the gardens.

Some of the vegetables grown on the property


Specializing in medicinal and culinary herbs, herbal teas, herbal blends

and cut flowers

Text Box: Our Philosophy

The farm was purchased in 1967.  In 1998, Pam returned to the family homestead, battling a serious illness.  In hopes to reach recovery, her father, an avid gardener, along with Pam, went to work learning to garden, landscape, grow and produce with an “organic” philosophy vs. the way they had previously approached gardening.

We felt that we could instill pride and educate others.  Soil building became of the utmost importance on the property.  We wanted people to feel comfortable with their children here, running through the organic lawns and garden pathways, while eating our food and learning how it is grown.  It became very important to us, and for others to see that beautiful yards, gardens and landscaping can be achieved while practicing organic standards—no matter what the size of a lot or the size of a garden—be it lawn, flowers, shrubs or food.  An amazing amount of food can be grown in a small spot.  Did you know that??

We are proud to produce much of our food for the year.  Stewardship is very important here, leaving those that follow with a better, safe, and less toxic planet and all that is contained in the big picture.

Property Map

1. Vegetables                        16. Peppermint                     31. Grape Arbor              46. Flowers

2. Herbs                                17. Herbs and Flowers         32. House Garden            47. Grainery  

3. Herbs                                18. Herbs and Flowers         33. Silver Maple Stump   48. Shrubs

4. Herbs                                19. Vegetables                      34. Perennials                   49. Shrubs

5. Herbs                                20. Vegetables                      35. White Garden             50. Shrubs

6. Herbs                                21. Compost                         36. Shrubs and Flowers    51. Shrubs

7. Herbs                                22. Boxed Beds                    37. Kiwi Arbor                  52. Shrubs

8. Herbs                                23. Boxed Beds                    38. Perennials                    53. Corn Plot

9. Herbs                                24. Boxed Beds                    39. Composting Manure   54. Raspberries

10. Herbs                              25. Boxed Beds                    40. Perennials                    55. Raspberries

11. Strawberries                   26. Boxed Beds                     41. Perennials                    56. Raspberries

12. Herbs                              27. Boxed Beds                     42. Flowers                       57. Blackberries

13. Perennials                       28. Boxed Beds                     43. Flowers                        58.Blackberries

14.  Perennials                      29. Boxed Beds                     44. Flowers                        59. Red and Black currants

15. Spearmint                       30. Boxed Beds                      45. Flowers                        60. Weeping Willow